Maggie Will

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
  • LEED Green Associate

As the youngest member of the MBA family, Maggie brings an enthusiasm to everything she touches. She started her career on the East Coast in the textile and marine fabrication industry and has had the opportunity to study in Italy, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand. Her exposure to nontraditional building systems and expanded worldview allow her to think outside of the box when finding design solutions.

As an active member of the AIA of Northern Nevada (AIANN) and the Young Designers Networking Group (YoDeNG), Maggie strives to synthesize the tried and true with the innovative and imaginative. She is dedicated to enabling connections among local Emerging Professionals with the intention of nurturing progress for the profession and the community.

Maggie has a quick wit and a sharp eye. Her humor and creativity enable her to foster consultant and client relationships alike. She carries these characteristics into her free time, where she enjoys woodworking, laser cutting, and sewing (especially to finish that next cosplay for Comic Con).